Sync to Spotify playlists

This walkthrough will get you setup with Daily Fire, link your Spotify account and automatically have Daily Fire keep your tracklists in sync.

Connecting Spotify

First, Sign in with Slack or login to your Daily Fire account:

Once logged in, click the "Connect Spotify" button in the top right hand corner

Or, follow this link:

You should see this screen:

Connect To Spotify

Click the "Connect Spotify" button to be redirected to the Spotify oAuth screen.

You will then be redirected back to Daily Fire and, if everything was successfull, you will be redirected to your Spotify settings page:

Spotify Settings Page

From here you can navigate to the tracklist you would like to setup. Once on the tracklist page you can click the "Sync to Spotify" button to setup your playlist:

Sync to Spotify

Your playlist should now be setup! Click the Spotify button again to open your new playlist.

Note: Your playlist may take some time to populate completely depending on how many tracks are in it.

For your Slack channel

Daily Fire will automatically create a Spotify playlist (as well as a Soundcloud & YouTube playlist) for each Slack channel you invite the Daily Fire Slack bot to.

This is managed by the Daily Fire Spotify account, and therefore there is nothing more you need to do!

Daily Fire will even populate the Spotify playlist with Soundcloud & YouTube shares, if it can find the same track on Spotify 💪 (and vice-versa)

Retrieve your playlists by using the playlists command:

In your channel, type either @Daily Fire playlists or /df playlists

sync to spotify

use the /df command

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use listen queue

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